Battle Bot Arena

Battle Bot Arena is the very first gamified expansion pack allowing Holders of both the Original and Armory Collections to compete against each other in the form of a tournament-style global event.

This game acts as a secondary utility aside from the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Lore Experience and gives Holders within the AlphaBot Society ecosystem a new interactive experience to participate in.


Taking place over a 6-Week Season, Holders will team up and fight for their respective Factions leading them to victory and earning rewards along-the-way.

Bots will be paired to Weapons using the BBA Interface where holders will configure their armies ahead of the next battle.




Pair Weapons with AlphaBots inside the BBA Army Configurator

Verified holders will log in to the Battle Bot Arena Web Application either on a desktop or mobile device, pick which faction they want to fight for, and arm their Bots for battle with their available Weapons from The Armory.

From the configurator screen, holders will have access to all of their AlphaBots and Weapons linked to their CDC NFT Profile and this is where participants will build their armies for battle. By selecting the AlphaBot you want to arm, a dialogue box will come up giving you access to your Amory. You will then select the weapon you’d like to pair with that specific Bot and then save the configuration.

Weapons are what accounts for most of an AlphaBot’s stats in the Battle simulation. A Weapon provides an ATTACK, DEFENSE, and POWER LEVEL and how you configure Bots to Weapons may change depending on the variables at play. Over time, events that happen in the Lore or abilities activated by other players may impact the stats of Weapons with certain Power Sources or Types or even AlphaBots of certain Factions. So what may work for one battle, may not work for the next.

Once an army is submitted, holders will have until the battle starts to make changes or even switch factions, but you can only play for one faction at a time. This style of gameplay is similar to Fantasy Football in that players can trade and rework their teams throughout the season leading up to the weekly games and is based on the performance of their configured team.




Faction vs Faction in a Double-Elimination Tournament

The first game mode that will be available upon release will be “Faction vs Faction” meaning at one time, only 2 Factions will be fighting. Holders of Bots in those factions will be able to participate and help progress their team through the bracket.

A single season consists of up to 19 Battles, 3 Battles per Week, spanning a 6 Week season. Factions all start out in the WINNERS Bracket and will be pushed down to the LOSERS Bracket when they take their first Loss. If a Faction loses a 2nd time, they will be eliminated from the tournament. But even if your Faction loses, it still has a chance for glory by fighting through the Losers Bracket to then face the leader of the Winners Bracket. The Faction in the Losers Bracket must beat the Faction in the Winners Bracket Twice in a row in order to win the season (hence the possible 19th Battle).

When it is time for the battle to start, registration for that specific battle will close and the teams will be sized up based on the armies submitted. If the teams are not even, the Faction with the least amount of AlphaBots will even out with what we are calling “Ghost Bots”. These Bots are not tied to a specific holder and are generated based on up to a +/- 10% random from the Power Level of the 7500th ranked weapon, meaning whenever we generate a new Ghost Bot, it will be paired with the stats of a Weapon between rank 6500 to 8500. No “Ghost Bots” will be given any Legendary Attributes.

The “Ghost Bot” feature ensures that each real player that is participating has a chance to fight and earn points in the battle. The Ghost Bots have stats that are in the 65-85% of all Bots and ensure the fairest game possible without overpowering or underpowering the teams no matter how many people are participating on a single team.

When the Battle Simulation runs, it will organize a series of 1v1s. AlphaBots will go head to head and have a chance to both ATTACK and DEFEND during a single round. If your Bot lands an ATTACK, it will hit for it’s POWER LEVEL. If your Bot BLOCKS an opponent's attack, it will not take damage. The rounds will continue until one AlphaBot has run out of life points and is killed. Each AlphaBots starts with a total of 2000 Life Points and is replenished after each dual before going into it’s next 1v1.

If your AlphaBot wins a duel, it will move on to face another enemy who survived its last duel and the battle simulation will run again. The simulation will continue to run until one Faction has no more AlphaBots left standing to fight. Similar to a real battle, you will fight until you cannot fight anymore and there is only the winner standing.

NOTE: Weapons do not run out of ammo or stamina. They purely define the odds that each AlphaBot has when going into battle.

Other than Weapons, AlphaBots with Legendary traits also gain an advantage in their ATK/DEF odds. These odds were set to give Legendary Bots an advantage, but not so much that it would be complete overkill.

Each Weapon is powered by one of nine Energy Types, each with its own Power Source Multiplier. When calculating the Power Level of a weapon we use the formula: (Attack x Defense^0.75 x Power Source Multiplier) x 10 = Power Level.

As more abilities are added to BBA, Holders will have the chance to boost weapons with specific power sources, take less damage from weapons of a specific power source, or even get added advantages when pairing AlphaBots of a specific faction with weapons from a choice power source.

These smaller variables lay the foundation for more complex game mechanics after the initial release of Version 1.




Earn Points Based on Battle Performance

Based on how Bots perform in battle, they will receive points related to various metrics including things like Total Attacks, Blocks, Kills, Rounds it takes to defeat an enemy, and Bonuses. These points will be tied to the individual Bot and associated with a Season Leaderboard.

For the first season, these points will purely be a metric of performance. They will eventually be used to activate abilities, purchase Patches, and in Lore Decision Making Advantages. These points are not tied to any blockchain tokenomics or cryptocurrency, they are an in-game metric that will turn into an in-game currency.

As mentioned before, points will be associated to AlphaBots meaning when Bots are bought and sold, the points and stats will move with them. Similar to how an athlete has their stats separate from the team, but they contribute to the overall team’s success. This also provides a secondary metric of value beyond the rarity or appearance for collectors who want to grow their collection based on BBA performance.




Compete to Win Various Rewards and Prizes

As the season progresses, Holders will earn rewards in the form of additional collectibles and abilities all leading up to a grand prize at the end of the season for the winning faction!

BBA is unlike a video game that you can play by yourself and at any time of the day, it is a community-driven 6-Week tournament similar to a season in sports. We will get to see Factions start out one way, and do completely different in their next battle. We will see holders trade Bots and Weapons to upgrade their teams shifting the tides. We may even see pivotal players have to pick one faction over another in a playoff battle completely changing the outcome.

With this game being more of an event, there will be a lot of moments and milestones to celebrate along the way and opportunities to reward holders for their participation and performance!



Kickstart BBA Rollout Campaign

Following the resolution of Chapter 7 Activation Theodore’s Escape, we announced the next thing to roll out, Battle Bot Arena.


Release Landing Page

This landing page acts as an overview of the game as well as how it fits in as our 2nd gamified utility behind The Lore.


Release and Market Promo Video

We will be releasing our main BBA Announcement video used to formally introduce the arrival of the first expansion pack and build hype.


Faction Master Beta Testing

Faction Masters will be the first to demo the game before the first season starts, allowing us to stress test everything and give holders a first look.


Open BBA For Community-Wide Demo

Following the Beta Testing and any adjustments, we will open the app for all holders to log in and explore before officially kicking off the first season.

Coming Soon

Start First Season

After the campaign trail has been completed, and the community is ready for battle, BBA Season 1 will begin🤖

The purpose of BBA is to provide use cases for your NFTs through interactive experiences

The big picture of AlphaBot Society is an interactive, gamified ecosystem allowing holders to use their NFTs in a variety of ways based on Web3 Entertainment, Games, and Collecting. BBA is just the very first installment of this “Expansion Pack” growth model behind The Lore.

Creating smaller experiences within one ecosystem allows AlphaBot Society to naturally grow and have purpose-driven collections

When we expand the project to include more generative collections, they will be associated with their own playable utility. This will allow us to provide a purpose to our new collections beyond just holding and collecting thus providing value to holders who participate.



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